WearHacks NYC 2015

For WearHacks NYC, my team and I set out to work on a new kind of hackathon that was focused on helping hackers learn from each other, and explore new areas. Hackers need to understand the language of design, designers need to learn hacker mentality, and everyone to work with each other seamlessly – because in the real world that’s what makes for the winning products, the best experiences, and the legendary teams.

Abhi Ashutosh: WearHacks NYC Ambassador Leader


WearHacks New York City. The first stepping stone into our friends down south, the United States of America. From October 23rd to the 25th, we saw awesome hacks, amazing hackers and lots of Chipotle (clearly to my liking).

22716379160_9272731960_zFor WearHacks NYC, we wanted the educational presence at to be the highlight. The opening ceremonies, the workshops and even the prizes, it reflected a strong collaborative learning experience among the hackers, the volunteers, mentors and organizers. For example, while teams formalized, Dev Bootcamp came in with a strong, informative workshop on team dynamics, attendees were often ask to reflect on their personalities individually and in a group environment, giving the teams in New York City an advantage like no other.

22486055048_52cff86c60_kWe had a few favourite things about this hackathon, hackers where awesome around the clock, how much energy a onesie can actually bring and the mentorship WL Gore provided all hours into the night. One of WL Gore’s mentor also brought his two sons, Alex and Adam to explore the awesome-ness that is a hackathon. We wanted to take their experience one step further, Alex and Adam was mentored by our expert hacker, Alexis, finalizing his hack-o-lantern project.

WHNYCFinally, we are so proud of the diversity in the top 10 teams, it proved that at a WearHacks hackathon, you don’t need to be an expert hacker with loads of experience to win. WearHacks Judges evaluate the teams’ skills based on their own experiences, relative the the team’s skills.

Big shoutout to our partners and sponsors, Patent Pending (NYU), HBO, Twilio, Shapeways, and W.L Gore.

Bigger Shoutout to our Ambassador Team!
Abhi Ashutosh
Earl Co
Paul Dariye 

Overall, #chillesthackathonever

photocreds: Pitom Saha

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