How to Make Hacker Friends in Los Angeles, CA: WearHacks LA 2015

“I was mauled by Canadian bears and now I know javascript”– Bryan James, WearHacks LA Attendee


Our first hackathon on the West Coast- being greeted by sunshine and 12195083_1058886567496965_8989582002209720132_obeaches was our first clue on how great the hackathon would be. Shout out to the WearHackers of LA, they made our first LA, non-overnight hackathon, and DTLA General Assembly awesome with their dedication and determination to make cool hacks! From opening ceremonies on November 6th to closing ceremonies November 8th, the crowd was energetic and made it an unforgettable weekend!12189261_1058886330830322_9077919590908153264_o


To be honest, when we convince one firsttime hacker to stay and learn, the entire event is a success for us. When 50+ hackers keep coming back to a hackathon that isn’t overnight, it is a the success than what we could not of asked for.

WHLAHackers came from all walks of life, we had our awesome student hackers- mainly from UCLA, but new hackers came into the field, from high-school to people in the middle of a career change. With the different degrees of knowledge, came the exchange of skills and a combined hacker-mentorship among the teams. If one team had an expert in coding, and another in design, WearHacks saw limitless sharing and collaborative work that only lead to great hacks and the community we want for WearHackers (in a nutshell, it made us feel warm and fuzzy inside).

WearHacks LA was made for first time hackers.


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